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The Basics and History of Mid-Century Modern Style

1. What decade revitalized the popularity of mid-century modern decor?

The 2000s
The 1970s
The popularity never declined
The 1990s

2. Who popularized the mid-century modern movement in American architecture?

Isaiah Rogers
Frank Lloyd Wright
Tadao Ando
The Bauhaus School

3. What is the focus and appeal of mid-century modern design?

Low cost
Ease of repair
Clean, sculptural lines
Large, comfortable furniture size

4. Which of these were popular materials for furniture and decor?

All of the these
Metal composites

5. What is widely regarded as having revitalized the popularity of mid-century modern decor?

Furniture that used to be available to-the-trade becoming available to the general public
Cellular phones
A shipping container full of newly-discovered furniture
Big-box stores like Sam's Club and Costco

6. How much did this table sell for?


7. Where is the bulk of mid-century modern architecture located?

Urban city centers
Off the grid
American suburbs

8. Where does the name “mid-century modern” come from?

Frank Lloyd Wright
Advertising agencies of the day
The New York Times
The book Midcentury Modern: Furniture of the 1950s

9. Which of these is not a mid-century modern furniture designer?

Herman Miller
Isamu Noguchi
Eero Saarinen

10. Which of these does not have a large effect on the popularity of mid-century modern decor?

Urban living
Contemporary art