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The Multithreaded Knowledge Platform


At this moment in time there are hundreds of articles and videos about virtually every topic imaginable, and they contain the collective knowledge of civilization within them. How can we best harness this vast web of freely available resources for the betterment of humanity?

Most current methods of discovering content (Facebook, Google, Reddit, etc.) are centered around an algorithm determining what content to show you based on a search query or popular consensus, and are ultimately attempting to maximize advertisement sales. These are great for memes, viral videos, quick facts, and political demagoguery but not necessarily for learning in-depth about a subject.


The Multithreaded Knowledge platform isn’t algorithmic curation of content for the purpose of selling ads. It is human curation of content for the purpose of spreading knowledge. Multithreaded Knowledge is an education platform powered by all the information already on the internet. This is the basic premise: Through curating links to online content anyone can create full courses educating anyone about anything!

  • Since a course is a collection of links to free articles and videos, they are free and available to learners on any sort of schedule.
  • Since a course is a collection of links to free articles and videos, they are much quicker and less effort to create compared with manually creating all of the content.

To demonstrate this concept I have been creating a series of courses about furniture. For only a half-hour of spare time a day you can acquire understanding of furniture design, upholstery, and construction! You can’t really find these sorts of courses on MOOC platforms, and they cost money if you do. They were built with the Multithreaded Knowledge platform, so all of these courses are free on any schedule and can be taken at your own pace with no account required. You can view a full list of currently available courses in the site menu.


Multithreaded Knowledge is designed to be a distributed education system. It’s an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that can be added to any blog or site. I will have courses about furniture here because I know furniture. You are probably an expert in something: classical music appreciation, primitive living, gardening, Magic: The Gathering, etc. You should create and host courses about those topics! It’s not much effort, free if you already have a WordPress site, and it helps make the internet better.

Want to create your own courses? Check out the GitHub page for Multithreaded Knowledge.

Read updates about the Multithreaded Knowledge platform at the blog.