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Furniture Design: Mid-Century Modern

This course covers Mid-Century Modern furniture design with a focus on important historic designers and furniture identification. The Mid-Century Modern movement lasted from 1933 to 1965 and is regarded as having produced some of the most iconic and beautiful furniture. Many of the original designs are still in production and original pieces are highly sought-after. After completing this course you should have a good familiarity with the Mid-Century Modern movement and be able to identify and recognize important pieces of furniture from the era.

This course should take about two weeks if you dedicate 30 minutes a day towards reading the articles, watching the videos, and doing the quizzes.

Unit 1

Overview of Mid-Century Modern design

Read this overview of mid-century modern style.

Unit 2

Mid-Century Modern in the present era

Read about the current popularity and demands for mid-century modern decor.


The Basics and History of Mid-Century Modern Style

This quiz covers the history of the mid-century modern style and general concepts about it.

Unit 3

Classic Mid-Century Modern Furniture Brands

Read about mid-century modern furniture brands that have been popular for many years.

Unit 4

Currently Popular Mid-Century Modern brands

Read this article to get a good overview of trending brands.

Unit 5

Charles & Ray Eames

Watch this short talk about iconic American mid-century modern designers Charles and Ray Eames.


Popular Furniture and Designers

This quiz covers the identification of popular and historic furniture from the era as well as some basic information about the designers.

Unit 6

Scandinavian Design

Read this article about Scandinavian furniture designers.

Unit 7

Arne Jacobsen

Read this article about iconic Danish designer Arne Jacobsen’s most popular designs.

Unit 8

Danish Furniture

Watch this documentary about Danish furniture design.


Scandinavian Furniture and Designers

This quiz covers the identification of popular and historic Scandinavian furniture from the era.

Unit 9

Furniture Identification

Browse this catalog of original mid-century modern furniture

Final Exam

Midcentury Modern Furniture Design

This is a comprehensive test of the concepts and furniture covered in this course.