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Furniture Design: Traditional

Knowledge of traditional design is very important when designing furniture. As someone once said, you have to know the rules if you are going to break them. This course covers traditional furniture design with a focus on furniture features, furniture styles, and on decorating in the traditional style.

This course should take about one week if you dedicate 30 minutes a day towards reading the articles, watching the videos, and doing the tests.

Unit 1


Learn about the most common styles of sofas.

Unit 2

Sofa Arms

Learn about the different styles of sofa arms and their names.



This quiz tests your knowledge of sofa styles and sofa arm styles.

Unit 3


Learn about the common chair back designs and how to identify them.

Unit 4

Fabric Patterns

Learn common fabric patterns and their names.


Chairs and Fabric

This quiz tests your knowledge of chair designs and fabrics patterns.

Unit 5

Decorating in the Traditional Style

Watch this video to learn about the process and results of decorating in the traditional style.

Unit 6

Transitional vs. Traditional Decor

Read this to get an overview of transitional decor and how it differs from traditional decor.

Unit 7

Mixing Modern and Traditional Decor

Read about effectively mixing traditional and modern pieces in a home.

Final Exam

Traditional Furniture and Design

This is a comprehensive test of the furniture and concepts covered in this course.