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Furniture Design: 1980s to the Future

Advances in computing and manufacturing technologies have changed the world since the 1980s and furniture is no exception. This course covers furniture design from the 1980s through the present day and the near-future with a focus on popular movements, innovations in manufacturing, and acclaimed designers. After completing the course you should have a good baseline knowledge of furniture trends and ideas from the last forty years and of recent advances in the field.

This course should take about two weeks if you dedicate 30 minutes a day towards reading the articles, watching the videos, and doing the tests.

Unit 1

'80s Style

Read about popular interior decor trends from the 1980s.

Unit 2

The Memphis Group

Read about this 1980’s design collective and their distinctive furniture style.

Unit 3

'90s Innovations

Read about original chairs developed and introduced during the 1990s.

Unit 4

Modern Mass-Produced Furniture

Watch this documentary about IKEA’s design and manufacturing process.

Unit 5

Contemporary Furniture Design

Read about some innovative and noteworthy furniture that launched in 2017.

Unit 6

Modern Furniture Textiles

Read about fabrics and patterns that are beginning to trend this year.

Unit 7

The Cutting Edge of Furniture Making

Read about new breakthroughs in the furniture manufacturing process.

Unit 8

The Future

Read about how tech is changing furniture design, manufacturing and purchasing.

Final Exam

'80s to the Future

This is a comprehensive test of the furniture and concepts covered in this course.

Unit 9

Extra Credit: Modern Design Process

Watch this short video featuring renowned industrial designer Phillipe Starck talking about the habits he uses when designing and the role of the industrial designer in the modern world.