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Mark Cuban’s new blockchain-based messaging platform

This week Mark Cuban unveiled the Mercury Protocol, an open-source messaging platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. The goals of the Mercury Protocol are to enable sending messages across multiple platforms, increase user engagement through rewards, and protect user privacy by getting rid of the need for ad servers that collect and store user information. […] Continue reading.

Lyft customer acquisition costs decrease as Uber stumbles.

As Uber’s legal and public relations problems increase, Lyft has to spend less and less money acquiring customers. Uber has had many public relations disasters in the past year. Their CEO was ousted amid allegations of company-wide sexual harassment problems, and their ongoing search for a new CEO is fraught with drama. They are also […] Continue reading.

A CleverPhone for your Smartphone. What does that even mean?

The FOX mini 1 is branded as “The CleverPhone for your Smartphone”. That tagline immediately caught my attention. First because that sounds intriguing (whatever it is), and second because “CleverPhone” has a capital P but “Smartphone” doesn’t. I can provide answers to the first of these riddles. It’s difficult to tell what it does from […] Continue reading.

Up to 48 million Twitter accounts are bots

Researchers at the University of Southern California have discovered that as many as 48 million Twitter accounts are bots. They reached this conclusion after analyzing Twitter user activity in more than a thousand ways, including friends, tweet content, and posting interval. Last month, Twitter filed a report with the SEC stating that 8.5% of their […] Continue reading.