A CleverPhone for your Smartphone. What does that even mean?

The FOX mini 1 is branded as “The CleverPhone for your Smartphone”. That tagline immediately caught my attention. First because that sounds intriguing (whatever it is), and second because “CleverPhone” has a capital P but “Smartphone” doesn’t. I can provide answers to the first of these riddles. It’s difficult to tell what it does from […] Continue reading.

Breakdown: Brute-forcing a passphrase given an incorrect passphrase.

A careless user has exposed their cryptocurrency passphrase on an online forum or social media site. They have written it down by hand, and must have made some sort of mistake because they are unable to access their wallet with the passphrase. They figure there’s no harm in posting it publicly online, since it’s incorrect. A […] Continue reading.

Hackers use Britney Spears’ Instagram post to control computers.

Russian hacker group Turla has been using a Britney Spear’s Instagram posts to control its botnets. Under the username “asmith215”, they posted a comment on a popular Instagram post: “#2hot make loved to her, uupss #Hot #X.” This comment is actually a secret message that when decoded provides a bit.ly URL that connects to their […] Continue reading.

Raspberry Pi malware mines for Bitcoin

Researchers at Russian antivirus company Dr. Web recently discovered a new malware only targeting Raspberry Pi. It infects devices that have the default username “pi” with password “raspberry” and that have been left open to external SSH connections. They are calling this malware Linux.MulDrop.14. When it first infects, Linux.MulDrop.14 changes the device’s password to a long […] Continue reading.

Up to 48 million Twitter accounts are bots

Researchers at the University of Southern California have discovered that as many as 48 million Twitter accounts are bots. They reached this conclusion after analyzing Twitter user activity in more than a thousand ways, including friends, tweet content, and posting interval. Last month, Twitter filed a report with the SEC stating that 8.5% of their […] Continue reading.

IBM breaks speech-recognition record

Human speech recognition is a difficult problem that a lot of companies are tackling. Speech recognition has many applications, ranging from enabling users to give their phones verbal commands to automating call-centers. IBM’s Watson is a series of AI-powered tools with assorted capabilities. Research scientists working on Watson have recently broken the record for accuracy […] Continue reading.

Engineers discover how to turn clothes and posters into radio stations.

University of Washington engineers were able to transmit music to a car 60 feet away using nothing more than a poster. They have developed a new, energy efficient breakthrough in radio technology that turns clothes and posters into FM radio station capable of sending music and information to your phone or car. The technology transmits […] Continue reading.

Air pollution from Asia makes its way into the US

Recent research has come to the conclusion that Asian countries release a lot of pollutants, and these pollutants drift over the Pacific Ocean and towards the western United States, leading to increased smog levels. By analyzing ozone data from 1980–2014, researchers were able to determine that emissions from Asia tripled since 1990, and Asia has […] Continue reading.