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This site hosts a selection of free courses about furniture design, upholstery, and construction. Each one can be completed in just a few weeks for less than an hour of time a day, on any sort of schedule, and without needing any sort of account.

Here are the available courses:

Just click on any course, read the articles and watch the videos. Some multiple-choice tests are mixed in there to make sure you really understand the material.

There are no badges, certificates, or final grades. I create these courses and you should take these courses for enrichment of the mind. Most likely a very large part of your life is spent on or in the presence of furniture, and you may want to learn more about the world around you. Feel free to start with any course, but I recommend starting with the one that interests you most! Here is a list of upcoming courses I plan on creating in the future. If any of those look interesting, check back later.

These courses are created with Multithreaded Knowledge, an open-source learning platform powered by all the content already on the internet. You can read more about Multithreaded Knowledge and how you can create your own courses here.